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Zeero Sangiovese

Zeero Sangiovese

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There are lots of things appealing about this non alcoholic Tuscan wine, one of the top being its 0g of sugar per serving. One sip, and you will rejoice at the experience of drinking a juicy glass of this non alcoholic Italian red. It has notes of red plum, rhubarb, and black cherry with well-balanced tannins and a beautiful earthy full body. It's deep ruby red in color. 

Dealcoholized carefully with the spinning cone technique, it retains its authentic taste, tang, and aromas. 

Non Alcoholic Sangiovese Wine Tasting Notes:

It is crafted from real fresh dealcoholized Sangiovese grapes.  On the nose, you have nice Sangiovese aromas of currents and blackberry jam. It smells like an Italian red should. On the palette, you have beautifully balanced tart and fruit flavors of red plum, rhubarb, and cherry. It’s mouthwateringly delicious and juicy. The label says ‘extra dry’ and it’s bang on - this is perhaps the first truly dry non alcoholic red wine available. With a balanced acidity level and high tannins, the mixture of fruity sweetness and the bitterness of tannins wraps the palate pleasantly.

Zeero Sangiovese Appearance:

The dark ruby red color looks heavenly and expresses the cheerful and engaging atmosphere of celebration with your friends and family. 

A classic bold red wine, Zeero Sangiovese is perfect for your holidays and cool weather evenings by the fire. 

Serving Size:

Each bottle of Zeero Sangiovese is 750mL (25.4) fluid ounces which contain 5 servings of 5 fluid ounces.

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