the backstory

After deciding that drinking was not serving her anymore, Rude sadly just drank sparkling water for about a year until she started learning about zero-proof beverages. Discovering sophisticated, complex beverages was a game changer for her and she wanted more! But where could she find them, learn about them, try them, etc? Some liquor stores carried some brands, but the staff never knew much about them, and the search was exhausting. If only there was a place where she could find all these drinks under one roof and get expert guidance on them...

Since that place didn't exist in Nashville, she decided to create it, like bad bitches do.

Thanks to her insatiable thirst, now you don't have to drive all over town or order expensive things online that you may or may not like. Just come to Killjoy and let our experts guide you on your alcohol-free journey!

  • Rude

    aka stephanie

  • Spud

    aka elisha

  • Goody

    aka john