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ISH - G&T Gin and Tonic Canned Cocktail

ISH - G&T Gin and Tonic Canned Cocktail

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There isn’t a better non-alcoholic Gin & Tonic on the market. The can is beautiful, but what’s inside is even better. It’s full of citrus and woody herbs with a pleasant shot of sweet and bitter. In short, everything you want in a G&T.

All-natural ingredients. Plus, there are only 9 grams of sugar and 52 calories per can.

Enjoy over ice garnished with fresh rosemary or simply straight from the can.

Made from natural ingredients.

- Non-Alcoholic: <0.4%
- Low sugar (3.6 g sugar/100 ml)
- Low calories (21 kcal/100 ml)
- Vegan

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